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The real estate development business of KRasa includes, Homes and Commercial Complexes.
The company aims to introduce and merge the international concept of developing complexes in the midst of residential areas. The Home business that KRasa caters to, are extended over various segments of the residential domain.

The primary business of KRasa is to develop residential, commercial and retail properties. As a new emergent in the market, we have the leverage to experiment and extend its wings, across businesses, segments and geographies with our new and innovative ideas and design.

The company aims at selling exclusive projects in the segments of office buildings and shopping centers. The priority for KRasa at present, is its segment of multifunctional recreational facility, shopping center and business arena all under a single roof, themed as the Centrade Business Park. It is the most awaited, flagship project of KRasa that aims to bring out the visual futuristic design into reality. Touching various aspect of design, the company proposed the multifunctional complex project to be studded with state of the art features and amenities.

Additionally, each project by KRasa Group is exceptional in terms of quality, luxury and price as well. Apart from this, the company also aims in implementing projects with a broad range of professional services, from the basic design to the final interior touch up covering every aspect of the real estate development services.